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I'm Abby and this is my blog.  Aptly named "Abby at Home" because I quit my day job and (I'm sure you guessed) I get to work from home!

Funny fact, I hated the word "blog" for a long time. It's just such an ugly sounding word!  A mix of "blob" and "log" - blog... yuck. But, it is what it is! Even if you hate the word "moist", you can't call a good cake "damp"!

These days though, I just have too much to offer and too much to share to be without a "blog".

I wear many hats in this crazy life - I'm a mom (son in preschool), a wife, a small business owner, a marketer, website designer, artist, aspiring stand-up comedian (in my head), autodidact, philomath (don't feel bad looking it up!)... I'm also the go-to girlfriend for advice on everything from cooking, gardening, fashion and beauty, to careers and relationships.

I'm pretty eclectic, so my blog is too. I hope it'll provide you with some entertainment as well as some tips on marketing your small business.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


— Abby Buzon, "The Helpful Marketer"

post thumnail of how to use facebook as your business - part 1

Using Facebook as Your Business

January 22, 2018 |

The majority of questions that I get from small business owners regarding social media are related to “How the heck do I use Facebook as my business?”.  This seems like it should be so easy, but some of these things are surprisingly hidden!

Thumbnail for 1st blog post - Photo of Abby trying to be cool using Snapchat

My First Blog Post!

January 16, 2018 |

I think to myself, almost daily, “oh man, I could write a really good blog post about this”. And do I?  Obviously not!
So HELLO 2018!  And hello to the Official Blog of The Helpful Marketer/Abby Buzon!