Abby At Home

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Funny fact, I hated the word “blog” for a long time. It’s just such an ugly sounding word!  Blog…ugh. But, it is what it is! Even if you hate the word “moist”, you can’t call a good cake “damp”!


These days though, I just have too much to offer and too much to share to be without a “blog”.


I wear many hats in this crazy life; I’m a mom, a wife, a small business owner, a marketer, website designer, homeowner, autodidact, philomath (don’t feel bad looking it up!)… I’m also the go-to girlfriend for advice on everything from cooking, fashion and beauty to careers and relationships.


This blog is going to be a bit-of-this and a bit-of-that, but I can guarantee it’ll provide you with some entertainment as well as some tips on marketing your small business.


Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!