Using Facebook as Your Business – Part 2

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Using Facebook as Your Business – Part 2

Continuing on the topic of “How the heck do I use Facebook as my business?”, we’ll now dive in to “How to share a Facebook Post to your Business Page” (and how to do that on mobile) and “How to see your Business Pages’ News Feed” (which may be wayyyy more useful than you think)!


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How To Share a Facebook Post to Business Page on Desktop

You can Share others’ Facebook posts to your Business Page very easily on a desktop; just click “Share to a Page” instead of just “Share” (shown above).

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On mobile… not quite as clear.  On some Facebook apps (iPhone), you’ll click “Share” and now there’s an option to “Share to a Page”. (Show right)  Again, this is new and not on all devices’ Facebook apps.

Other mobile FB apps, you may need to click “Share”, select “Write Post”, then you’ll see a tiny little option up at the top that says “Tap to Change” right under “Your Timeline”. (Shown below)

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First, let me explain what this News Feed is.  Back in the day you used to be able to “Use Facebook as…” your business page; so, everything you liked, commented on, shared, was all as your business.  Ahhh the good ol’ days.

When you would use Facebook as your business, your main news feed would change to show you only the content of the other Facebook Pages that you’ve “Liked as Your [Business] Page”.  This is how you get back to seeing that feed.

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When you’re on your business’s page, scroll down the right-hand column.  Mixed in with your page stats, you’ll find “See Pages Feed”.

A few reasons why you should check this feed a few times a week:

  • Social Media Content – This will be a great source of content – both for you to Share to your page and for ideas for content to write yourself.  This is also why you need to find companies in your industry that post great content, public figures and thought leaders in your line of work, and be sure to “Like” them “as Your Page”.  Not sure how to do this?  Check Part 1 of this post!
  • Networking – By engaging with their content on a regular basis (Commenting, Sharing, Liking) you stand a better chance at forming connections with these other companies or influencers.  It’s another way to get your name out there!  And who knows, they might take notice and start Sharing and Liking your content as well.
  • Supporting Others – While semi-related to the networking aspect, this is not with the goal of any personal gain in return.  Us small business owners understand how tough it is, and especially how hard it’s become to gain any visibility on Facebook with the algorithm changes.  Personally, I have received invaluable support from other small business owners, so it feels great to pay it back.
  • Keeping Business and Personal Separate – having this separate news feed allows you to keep up with friends and family on Facebook without being taken off on a tangent watching an hour-long work-related video instead of finding out how your uncle’s surgery went and if your niece passed her big exam.
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