Using Facebook as Your Business

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Using Facebook as Your Business

The majority of questions that I get from small business owners regarding social media are related to “How the heck do I use Facebook as my business?”.  This seems like it should be so easy, but some of these things are surprisingly hidden!

We’ll break this answer down into these chunks:


screen shot of how to like and comment as your facebook page

As you can see in the image above, it’s not super blatant!

See that little teeny tiny down-arrow next to your Profile Picture?  Click that to choose who you want to “Like” the post as and/or Comment as.  This tiny arrow will give you a drop down menu to toggle between your personal profile and your business profile.

You can actually like something twice if you want to!  If you want to help promote another person’s business, a good cause, or a local event, you can Like it as your personal profile, and then again as your business!


Screen shot of how to like a facebook page as your business page

Yet another feature that’s totally buried…

If you just click the regular then you will have just liked the page as yourself. If you want to like it as your business though, you have to click the “…” and go down in the list to “Like As Your Page”. Ta-da!

In addition to showing your support for a business you like, there’s another very good reason to “Like As Your Page” which you’ll see in the News Feed section in our next post!

Up Next – How to Share a Post to Your Business Page and How to View Your News Feed!

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