How to Add a Description to an Envira Gallery


How to Add a Description to an Envira Gallery

Like all my blog posts, it starts with a failed Google search. I knew I had added a description, or some kind of text, to an Envira Gallery before. I couldn’t find where for the life of me! I searched Envira’s docs. I searched in Google, rewording and rewording…

“How to add a description to an Envira Gallery”. “How to add text to an Envira Gallery”. OK, come on! “How to “add text to a gallery” envira WordPress”, “how to add content to envira gallery”. Is it in the Standalone documentation? Reworded the search for that. Nothing. Literally, Google says “No results found”.

I would like to note that I do really like Envira Gallery and it is packed full of features. With just the lowest paid plan, you get “Standalone galleries” which creates a custom post type for galleries so each gallery gets its own dedicated page with customizable URL. It’s so nice and (usually) easy, and of course, great for SEO.

Anyway, I was trying to set up a Beaver Builder, Beaver Themer template for a single gallery. I hunted down a website I built for another client where I knew I had added individual gallery descriptions with Envira… Finally! Ahhhhh!

How to Add Text in a Gallery in Envira

It’s buried in the Configuration settings! You have to change a setting to get the Gallery Description text block to appear.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to add a description to a gallery in Envira:

  1. Open the Gallery

    From WordPress admin, Envira Gallery > Envira Gallery, then click the title of the Gallery needing a description.

  2. Click the Configuration tab

    It’s the 2nd tab down in the Envira Gallery’s Settings menu, to the left of the selected gallery’s images.Envira Gallery settings - Configuration tab highlighted

  3. Scroll down to “Display Gallery Description?” and change it from “Do not display”.

    The dropdown gives the option to “Display above galleries” or “Display below galleries”; either option will make the text editor appear.envira gallery settings for gallery discription

  4. Now you can add some text!

    screen shot of gallery description text block

Easy, right? Easy to find? Not so much… Questions? Comment below!

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