I got a new website!

my beautiful new website!

I got a new website!

I’ve only been working on it for… 6 months. SIX MONTHS! It feels so good to finally have it finished. I’m about to embark on a few really big projects so I knew it was either now or never (or at least another 6 months).

I know I’m not the only digital creative who has this problem – our own marketing and online presence takes a backseat to our clients’ – as it should be. But it still stinks none the less.

So ahhh, deep breath, it’s done!

Oh, and I got an new phone; an iPhone X. Yet another thing I’ve been putting off. I stuck it out with my iPhone 6 for almost 4 years. I wanted the new camera though – that’s what finally pushed me. And do I want the new camera for myself? Of course not. It’s so I can take awesome photos when I go to visit my clients!

Small business ownership and motherhood are similar in so many ways. You have to be so selfless – willing to put others’ needs ahead of your own.

Speaking of motherhood, my sweet baby Joey is going to be turning 4 next week! I could cry – he’s getting so grown up!

Anyway, I’m totally in love with my new site! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you dig it? I launched in a rush so I didn’t do a deep review (which of course would never happen launching a client’s site, but since it’s just me…) so hopefully everything’s working right!

Edited: To include some pictures of my big man! (and no, I’m not talking about my husband)

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