Building Anything with Pods & Beaver Themer

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Building Anything with Pods & Beaver Themer

As presented at WordCamp Kent 2019! Creating custom post types for unique scenarios and functionality, then customizing how the posts’ content displays on the front end of WordPress.

I’ll write a post explaining these slides after “Camp”. If/when the video comes out, I’ll link to it here (hopefully I made this GPL-friendly enough!)

Update 6/23/19: I’m adding to this as I have the time/ as I think of things. I’m in the process of making a screencast video of creating CPT’s with and then customizing with Beaver Themer.

If you’re interested in this topic and would appreciate if I hurry up and get some videos on here already, please comment below and I’ll get my ass in gear!

Links to the Tools/Plugins Used:

Pods on

Beaver Builder Pro and Beaver Themer (affiliate link)

I’m a Beaver Builder Affilate now!
Note: I was NOT at the time of my WordCamp presentation, but figured I might as well be now, right!? If you’re going to purchase BB Pro, send me some love and use my link!

Pods Beaver Themer Add-on on

Support Channels:

The Slack channel for Pods Community Support​

Beaver Builder Facebook Group​

Beaver Builder Forum (recently reopened)

Helpful How-To’s:

Build this: Display a Pods custom field and separator only when there’s content” on Beaver Builder knowledge base

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