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The Importance of Photography on Your Website

What message is your photography sending?


The images used on your website or any marketing piece makes or breaks the overall design.  Photography completely transforms the look of everything.


To demonstrate my point…

Well-lit, properly proportioned, professional photography
Probably not taken by a professional, not a great angle, not the best composition

Which interior designer seems more reputable?

Which ad is more enticing?

Which retailer seems more trustworthy?

Time and time again, people want a website that “looks like this one”. I ask “what exactly do you like about this one?”. The answer is always “I like how they have this photo here and I like this image here…”. They’re not even seeing the actual website, they’re just seeing the photos!


I could build an identical website, plop in their poorly lit iPhone photos, and it will not be the website they wanted.


Point being, if you’re planning for a new website (or any new marketing materials), include professional photography in your budget!

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