Service Company Website Design

Client: Supeck Septic Services

Project Date: May 2018

Local Service Company Website Design

Project Overview:

Image of Website Before Makeover

Supeck Septic Services was undergoing a major shift in their marketing strategy. Having previously focused on traditional marketing and print advertising, they were ready to shift gears and increase their digital marketing efforts.

They began working with a local marketing & branding expert to assist with this transition. With their website being the central hub of their online presence, their 10-year-old HTML website was not giving off the impression they wanted. A modern, professional website was mission-critical. With content marketing also becoming a part of their marketing strategy, they also had to have a website capable of publishing blog posts.

About the Client

Supeck Septic Services is a local, family-owned business that has grown to become the largest septic service company in Northeast Ohio. The business was started in North Royalton, Ohio in 1968 and moved to Medina, Ohio in 1974. They opened a new headquarters and central office on the west side of Medina in 2017.

To celebrate their 50 years in business, and as a “thank-you” for their business, I designed this graphic to commemorate the occasion.

Graphic Design, Logo Design Mockups for Supeck Septic Services on iPhone

This was an exceptionally fun web design for me because there were a few challenges involved.  First, we have to acknowledge that this is a company who deals with “yuck”, but we want that to be the last thing on your mind when you think of the company.  They take great pride in their employees’ clean and tidy appearance and we wanted their website to follow suit.

The second hurdle was that they had a lot of content.  This business owner is held in high-regard as an expert in their industry.  Their website needed to house a lot of resources and serve as an educational tool, in addition to representing the business and showcasing their services.

This 23-page website had to be well-organized, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.  This was achieved by using interactive elements, which also made for a great user experience.  A few good examples are the accordions used for FAQ’s and Do’s & Don’ts and the pop-up modals used for Types of Septic Tanks & Filters.