Real Estate Agent Website Design

Client: Robert T. Andrews

Project Date: January 2019

Project Overview:

Robert Andrews is a Realtor in the Medina County area. He has multiple real estate certifications, dedicates a lot of time to his community, specifically with the older adults and elderly population, and has worked hard to become an expert in senior real estate. Realtors generally work for big real estate brokerages and have a profile page on the broker’s website. Given Rob’s specialties and expertise in such specific areas, he needed an option that would provide better results within search engines and a place where he could really showcase his knowledge, expertise and achievements.

When searching for a new home, most people are going to go to whatever website has the most listings (a big broker’s site,, Zillow, etc.), yet for some reason, the few real estate agents who decide to get their own website choose to focus the site on real estate listings rather than on themselves. Any realtor can sell any home; a realtor’s website needs to sell them.

A great benefit for this client is that his website is something he owns and has full control over, unlike the options usually made available to real estate agents through brokerages. As testimony to this benefit, the client changed to a different real estate brokerage a few months after the launch of his website. He was able to just change his logo and some text and his investment continues to serve him just the same.

For added exposure and search engine optimization, he began utilizing the blog section of his website with the help of a content strategist who specializes in real estate agent marketing.