Website Design for Interior Designer

Client: Suzanne M. Harvey Design

Project Date: February 2019

Web Design for Interior Designer with a Well-Established Blog

Project Overview:

Suzanne M. Harvey Design had been writing amazing articles for many years in her Interior Design Blog, ‘Designs on the Move‘. The website was strictly a blog though; it wasn’t allowing her to represent the growing interior design business and the services offered. The site allows Suzanne to show off her work, highlight her design skills and go into detail about her services, in addition to showcasing her articles.

All the great content Suzanne had written over the years was imported into the new site and given a total makeover.  Because Suzanne had done her blog in WordPress, structured everything properly, and formatted her articles’ HTML by-the-book, her blog posts imported fabulously.  Most importantly though, all the amazing SEO benefits of her blog still remain, even with transferring the blog to an entirely new website and new domain.  Each URL from the old site was redirected to the content on the new domain, and thanks to Google’s “Change of Address” feature, the gains she’s earned in domain authority flow through to her new domain. Win-win!

Suzanne had a logo from her original blog which needed updated to represent the interior design business, not just the blog. The logo needed to be simplified for mobile viewing but didn’t want to stray too far from the existing design. The fleur-de-lis had always carried special significance to her and she also wanted to stay with a solid white logo on a dark background.
From reading her blog, I knew that she was a huge fan of Kate Spade. Being just after Spade’s passing, Suzanne’s logo design was very much inspired by, and in honor of, Kate Spade.