Church Facebook Advertising

Client: Brunswick Community Church in Brunswick, Ohio

Project Date: September 2017

Graphic Design for Facebook Advertising & WordPress Website Updates

Project Overview:

As a new church in the Brunswick area of Medina County, their pastor wanted to begin utilizing Facebook promotions & boosted posts to increase community awareness of their new church.  The client was seeking to have a custom graphic made for their new social media promotion.

The client had given me a lot of great information about the church and their focus on the Bible.  They wanted to get the attention of people who really want to learn what the Bible has to say, not necessarily those who want a “lift your spirits”, heart-warming, motivational church service.  I was granted full creative freedom so I really had fun working on this project.

This graphic needed to serve several missions; obviously the main mission – to draw someone’s attention, but it also needs to be simple enough to convey a message within a second, and to portray an image of what this church is about.  I really liked both of these design ideas I had and couldn’t choose between them.  The client ended up liking both ideas as well, and because they were so great to work with they got a BOGO deal.

The client was given a customized Implementation Guide to accompany their new graphics. The guide included step-by-step instructions on how to run different types of Facebook promotions where the graphics would be used, and suggestions for text and headlines to use with each graphic.


Secondary Project – WordPress Website Improvements

Upon reviewing the client’s website I also found a few easy fixes that would greatly improve user experience and make navigation more user-friendly and could be done quickly, at very little cost.  In hopes that their social media efforts would result in increased website traffic, we wanted new visitors to be able to find information quickly and easily.

Improvements included adding the church’s street address in the footer, making church service and bible study times more prevalent throughout the site, removing a widget bar from the top of interior pages that was pushing page content “below the fold”, removing a few unused pages from the main menu, embedding a contact form, and making the footer’s social media links operational.