Online Retailer E-Commerce Website Redesign

Client: Process Equipment & Supply

Project Date: 2019

E-Commerce Website Redesign

Project Overview:

This Northeast Ohio business has been family-owned and operated since 1970. They are the primary wholesaler of Branson (an Emerson company) ultrasonic cleaning and laboratory sample prep machines. Branson manufactures the machines and does not sell direct. And guess who is the only distributor listed on Branson’s website for the entire U.S.?  Process Equipment & Supply Co.!

While their website was capable of selling the products online, and the payment area was secure, the rest of the site was not https which began warning visitors “This website is not secure”.  That’s never good for sales.  Luckily they were making sales through customer accounts that likely existed prior to e-commerce (yes, they were still getting some orders faxed).

They were hardly getting any sales on their website.  Here were some of the issues turning potential customers off:

  • Antiquated styling (using the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme… yes 2012)
  • Warnings throughout browsing that “This website is not secure”
  • Poor organization of products
  • No cross-linking or connection of products
  • Entire product category of Ultrasonic Accessories was not linked to anywhere
  • No product information on Products’ pages (it was located on a separate page, not even linked to on the product page)
  • No product information on product pages = no SEO

The website was also not helping with internal processes either.  There was no time saving efficiencies to be found here.  In fact, it probably took them longer to process an online order than a faxed order.  This was their process:

  1. Website order notification comes in.
  2. All the information from the order was re-entered into Quickbooks (yes, all of it. Not imported… manually entered).
  3. Quickbooks was connected to shipping/freight provider and shipment tracking was provided there.
  4. Unable to even copy and paste the tracking #, they would email the invoice from Quickbooks to the customer and manually type the tracking number for customer’s references.
  5. Within the website, the orders were just left as “Processing”, so customers were never able to utilize the website to view past orders or check on the status, let alone view shipment tracking.

More on how I was able to give this awesome company a website that is better than they ever imagined and does more than they ever expected – coming soon!