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The Best Free SEO Tools


Infographic of How Google Works - SEO 101 - 1. Google bots (aka spiders) crawl your website. 2. Google indexes your website. 3. Someone searches Google for a term 4. Google considers 1,000,000 factors in their ranking "algorithm". 5. Google spits out Search Results.
SEO Pie Chart - Page ranking algorithm factors majorly over-simplified - 1/2 Backlinks, 1/4 Keyword strategy, 1/8 page structure and technical SEO, 1/8 page speed.
3 things for DIY SEO you can do yourself that there are free tools for. 1. Page Speed, 2. Keyword Strategy, 3. Site Structure and Technical SEO

First, a word of advice… your time is valuable and is probably better spent in other areas of your business.


I love doing SEO!  It’s ingrained in everything I do, every day.  I’d love to help!

Search engine optimization is time-consuming and is not a 1x project. SEO is ongoing. It needs monitored and tweaked over time and can take a few months before you see results.


However, if you can’t afford to hire a professional (heaven knows, I feel ya!) but you are at least a bit tech savvy, here are some tips on conducting your own SEO and the best free tools available to help optimize.


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image showing proper HTML structure for SEO purposes - using one h1 tag for the page title, then h2 tags for future paragraph headers. not skipping from h2 to h5, or not using h1 just for looks. that's what CSS is for.
example of BAD HTML structure that could harm SEO
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