About Me

The Helpful Marketer is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in the digital age. We have a team of heavy-hitting professionals, which include industry rock stars such as me, myself and I.  So yeah, it’s just me!


My name is Abby (Lehman) Buzon. I was a 1-person Marketing Department for several years at the beginning of my career so I’ve worn every hat in marketing. Once the company was able to add more marketing personnel I was given the opportunity to shift my focus specifically to what I enjoy most – marketing technologies and digital marketing (websites, SEO, online presence, content creation, and content management). After 7 years of invaluable experience and professional growth with that company, I made the decision to venture out on my own, to spend more time with my 2-year-old son and to begin my career as The Helpful Marketer.


I live in Medina County, Ohio, bordering on Wayne County; an area rich with little town squares, full of unique restaurants, quaint boutiques, and great local businesses.  My desire to begin offering small business marketing solutions was actually first born when I searched online for more info on one of these local boutiques and came up empty-handed.

Why I’m Doing This

Too many small businesses are losing new customers because they don’t have a strong online presence. We have entered into the digital age of marketing and there is no turning back. If potential customers can’t find you online, you don’t exist. Many business owners would be surprised by how much their online visibility can be improved with just a few small tweaks to their website. And that’s where I come in! Word-of-mouth referrals are excellent, but in this day and age, Google is king. I can help ensure your future customers can find your business quickly and easily.


I’ve been asked “Why are you focusing on small businesses? They don’t have much money. You’re never going to get rich serving those clients!” Correct! And I’m OK with that. Most small business can’t afford the services provided by professional marketing agencies or web design firms, but they still need and deserve help with marketing their businesses. I am passionate about the importance of independent businesses and I want to do my part to keep this sector of our economy thriving. I would provide my services for free if I could, but I don’t think the bill collectors would understand.


To provide a little more background – I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and worked in the social services before I stumbled upon my niche in marketing. I am altruistic by nature; wanting to help others is just a part of who I am. But I truly thrived professionally when I went into marketing. My quirks, my interests, and my strengths came together in a harmonious union in marketing; I get to be artistic and creative while satisfying my inner computer nerd, and then my persnickety thoroughness and Type A personality wraps it all up in to the ideal marketer package.

What I Do (and Don’t Do)

Having worked in marketing the better half of the last decade, I’ve acquired a wealth of skills and marketing know-how. I have extensive training in all aspects of marketing and website design and I love making digital art. To be clear though, I’m not a “website developer” and I’m not a professional graphic designer, but I do have some really great people I will happily refer you to!


For more details on “what I do”, please check out my Services page.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! Please reach out so I can get to know you and start helping your business grow!

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